health -re-imagined

What if we we focused our time on health instead of disease?

I can tell you that those that try this health direction see results immediately. However this is not the direction the average person travels.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

No doubt, if there is a disease process in your body, it likely needs attention. A disease means that something is wrong with your ability to adapt to a stressor (stress causing agent) in your environment. Your immune system is able to handle stressors. This happens well before they become diseases. So really, a disease is a stress that your body has not been able to adapt or handle.

How do we get our bodies to handle stressors as good as possible?

We spoke a little about this when talking about prevention. However, the best way to adapt, or handle stressors better is to properly care for your nerve system. If you have interference to the nerve system (which only chiropractors handle), then you cannot adapt to stress in the best way possible.

This should be your first option when wanting to focus on health: remove the interference to the system (immune system via communication through the nerve system) that you are already equipped with that can handle stressors that come your way.


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