Sometimes the truth can be an eye-opener. When the facts are presented to our health that are not what we expected (for the worse) we tend to react one of these ways:
1-denial- “This can’t be true. Sure, I see the exam results, however I feel great.”
2-minimize- “Doc., don’t others my age have this same problem. I am 65 now. I also am more active than any other man my age, so I’m bound to not be perfect in my assessment.”
3-shock- “What? OMG, this is amazing, I had no idea. Can you help?”

When presented with the cold hard facts on your current health status, which reaction type do you fit? Instead of having an emotional reaction, the correct question should be:
-Are the tests that were performed accurate, reliable, and reproduceable?
-Do I trust my Doctor to be an expert in his or her field?
-Do I value my health enough to do something about it?


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