Why Kids Need Chiropractic

Do kids have a nerve system?

Do kids have a spine?

Do kids get subluxated?

Of course!  A subluxation is interference in your child’s nerve system from stresses of normal life such as a fall, a trip, or even day 1 (traumatic birth).  Here is the key, however….you don’t know if your child has a subluxation, unless a chiropractor checks them.  Interference to the growing and developing nerve system of a child occurs all the time, without a parent’s knowledge.  This can be easily checked, and corrected by a knowledgeable chiropractor.

Accidents happen all the time, therefore subluxations happen all the time.  Fortunately I am trained and experienced to remove these subluxations with gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments to your child’s spine.

When your child’s nerve system is working at its peak, you will see changes in the health of that growing individual.  As a parent, my main goal for my son is that he can be whomever he chooses to be…to the best of his ability.  With chiropractic in his corner, his nerve system will work at 100% throughout his entire life.  With a nerve system working at its peak, you are healthier.  Who doesn’t want that for their children?


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