It’s interesting how we change to suit our environment.  This inborn ability to adapt and change is seen in animals easily, like when a lizard changes color to suit its background.  Our change is not so obvious, however it does happen.  When it’s cold outside, for example, our skin texture literally changes.  We call it a cute name, like “goose bumps”, however it’s an extraordinary way our body keeps us warm.  Another change is when we stay in the water too long, and our hands start to wrinkle up.  Imagine if all the water in the bath would just leach into your body!  What a massive, terrible effect this would have on your ability to control your inner balance.

To think that some adaptations as these are good, and others are bad, and in need of our intervention constantly amazes me.  How do you know what the temperature your body needs to be when fighting a harmful invader to your system?  Yet, at the first sign of a “high” temperature, we take our children straight to the emergency room!

I love the fact that I don’t have to know what my temperature needs to be.  I also don’t know what my blood pressure should be at any given time.  All I need to know is that I have the power to heal.  I have a clear nerve system that keeps all my processes of my body functioning perfectly.  I just need to not get in the way with thoughts of how the body should and shouldn’t be working.  If I can do that, I will be everything I am supposed to be, per my Innate’s discretion.

Matthew M Mix, DC


1 thought on “Adapt”

  1. Great blog today Matthew. I think you could expand the thought bubble to include many different points in life where we all tend to get in our own way. I love the balance to my body that chiropractic services provide coupled with the balance to my mind that yoga provides. Two proactive ways to live a healthy life and keep oneself out of the doctor’s office! #mademyday!

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