Is you goal big enough?

The US Olympic trials have now been broadcasting all over television.  No matter what sport you are watching, you see the same committed, focused, muscular bodies working toward their goal…the chance to win a medal.  It makes one think, “What’s my one big goal?”.

That question had to come into everyone of these athletes competing.  It all started with that question.  Ultimately, the answer had to be, “to win a medal”.  The details to get there were then set in motion.

So I ask you, what is your big goal?  If you had to pick just one big goal, what would it be?  If you really wanted this big goal, what would you need to do to make sure you could reach this goal?  What would you eliminate/sacrifice to get that goal?

If the sacrifice isn’t worth the goal, then your goal isn’t big enough to you.


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